Film studies as micro-analysis coursework essay

Makes reference to specific incidents from the film with a good level of accuracy in order to analyse how the micro features work to make meaning for the audience. There is no need to make them. I used all handheld, Point of View POV shots throughout my film, this made the film personal to the killer as it was all from his perspective, I believe this had a successful effect on my film as if categorised I would place it in Psychological horror and by my killer videoing his victims this shows extreme irregular behaviour present in films of this category.

Conclusion By the end of this opening we know that the disaster which has occurred is a serious one, and we know we have one solitary man ready to try and find and show us the way through this strange new world.

This is another way of making strange. What can you do to overcome them? Do not evaluate how well the director has done his job. The music has no consistent beat to it, and in turn gives the audience a sense of anticipation and mystery into the following narrative.

Paragraph 2 Opening The opening scene shows us Jim alone amidst chaos, slowly waking up into this new world. Are there any genre conventions you can talk about? Brendan in addition to his choice of apparel is secluded from friendship circles as seen in first screenshot above.

Always try to go deeper in your analysis. The basics in Top level work: Briefly explain the main storyline, genre and Film studies as micro-analysis coursework essay relevant background info. After opening his locker, a note from Emily falls out onto the floor with it telling him to go to the phone box on the corner of two streets.

Jones in an exaggerated and violent, physical performance would contrast with the subtle, but markedly different, manner of Mr S.

Film Studies

They are the first part of Brendan that the audience sees at the beginning of the film and they are the first thing they see when Brendan walks alongside the lockers.

Scene two propels the story further by focusing upon sound. If you want to do this then you and I will talk about it. State which sequence you are analysing.

Use your conclusion to make links to other films, however briefly, and to analyse how the section you have analysed has left the audience. Later in the scene Mr S kills a hired gun, this juxtaposition from everyday life to murder and death is a stark realisation that under the veil of everyday life there are criminals that hide in plain sight.

Paragraph 3 Opening Our understanding that everything has changed is developed in the next scene as we see images of chaos and desertion everywhere around the hospital.

However the most iconic items that offer a significant reading of his personality type, are his shoes. The mess of food and drink around the machines — Jim is attending to basic needs — life goes on…Continued lack of non-diegetic score and ambient noise reinforce his isolation Analysis We are given more evidence that something terrible has happened and that the world has moved on — and the fact that even a hospital is deserted and desolate tells us how bad the disaster must have been.

You are going to carry out these tasks on the film clip that you have chosen and presented to the class — and you can use my notes here as a guide for how to work. What are the aspects of this piece of coursework that you think you will find most challenging?

I will divide the following scene into four narrative sections — Jim waking in hospital, exploring the hospital, starting to explore London and from when the music becomes more urgent to the end of the scene, to analyse how sound and cinematography, in particular, create meaning for the audience and slowly provide rising tension and a limited amount of narrative information to meet and build on our expectations of the film.

Scenes of chaos straight away — but silent strange chaos, everything gone wrong. There is a significant amount of diegetic sound in this film along with the overlying sense of the western theme and style music to make the non-diegetic sound.

Film Studies AS Micro-Analysis Coursework Essay Sample

The audience then go back a few days to Brendan at school. Sample Reflective Analysis For Extended Step Outline Throughout my step outline I wanted to use the micro elements of the film noir genre to represent aspects of my key characters.

Lots of long shots of London, often showing iconographic landmarks the London Eye, St Pauls, Houses of Parliament but all distinctively lacking people or movement. To improve on my film I would range the different settings and include more conventions present in horror films like an isolated room or a wood; this in effect adding more tension and fear amongst my target audience.

This is another way of making strange. What you have here are the notes I made when viewing the extract — you need to do this with your film clip, get your ideas on paper and you will then be able to use those notes as evidence in your essay planning.

Evidence CU on eye as his performance shows us his confusion MS of his nakedness amidst the medical equipment — his vulnerability, coming alive in a hospital bed is like a rebirth into a new world Shot looking through the equipment to make the situation more strange High Angle shots to give us an overview of where he is, and accentuate his isolation The key under the door — using the close up to give us narrative information — somebody has locked him in — for protection?

Suddenly, a car comes screeching around the corner and Emily gets all upset, indicating to Brendan that she can also see the car. Absolute silence, the crashes of the equipment accentuated by the silence elsewhere.

Film Studies AS Micro-Analysis Coursework Essay Sample

I wanted to show an insight into the detective and allow the audience to be able to comprehend and establish empathy with his character. Are there any genre conventions you can talk about? I chose my film to be certified a 12A as the film would be to upsetting for children under this age as some violent themes are explored and also if it was certified higher such as a 15, then this would rule out too much audience and effect box office income.

These are key points for the top end of the mark scheme Use your introduction to straightforwardly explain how you are going to answer the question Every chance you get, use technical language, and use it accurately.

Another example of diegetic is when the black car comes into the scene, squealing around the corner, the audience does not hear the suspense music but we do hear the car as it comes squealing around the corner and the speeding up of the motor as it comes towards and past the phone box.

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Does the essay question include t he micro feature and a clause on how meaning/emotion is communicated? The last piece of coursework is the micro analysis. Film Studies V for Vendetta Clip Micro Analysis The clip I havephosepis from my favorite film, *V for Vendetta. The clip is meantto be full offcensiornn the build-up for the revolution and fight between *V andthe official The director does this with film languager The main/parts of filmlanguage I have chosen to analyse are.

This lesson focuses on students producing a piece of micro element piece of coursework. They will need to have a basic understanding of these elements prior to this lesson, and choose a two minute section of film to micro analyse. Writing your micro essay 1.

AS Film Studies Unit FM1 Exploring Film Form: THE MICRO-ESSAY narrative turning point • You need to be able to analyse a sequence of film using micro features • Key to this coursework is that you show knowledge of not only the formal systems at work within the film, but knowledge of the interaction between.

This lesson focuses on students producing a piece of micro element piece of coursework. They will need to have a basic understanding of these elements prior to this lesson, and choose a two minute section of film to micro analyse.

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Film studies as micro-analysis coursework essay
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